Pseudo-Isosceles Dadangle by Justynn Tyme

the ace of clubs is not dada
dada is an indefinable, inexhaustible resource!
Is it a block of blond hair?
Is it two tons of crepes?
bent nails are dada
ugly fruits are dada
dada is a pile of wooden manure from a hobby horse!
Is it a shingle flavored tooth paste?
Is it a bag full of wet leeks?
the f note is not dada
a mallard is not dada
dada is made out of bean curd and borax!
flecks of toilet paper are dada
dada is a tasty inedible treat from a distant galaxy!
Dadaism came from the 720th dimension!!
To destroy the definition of the dada
you must remove the corkless cork from Don Sturdy's right boot?

Justynn Tyme, alien eggplant creature from outerspace, creates bizarre experiments in art because his innards command it. These works of highly intemporal quality can be found strewn around places like The Whimsical Icebox, Dada Yow, and his personal site, and also in anthologies from the inkslingers, The New Absurdist and Bust.

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J. D. NELSON said...

noduddy do dada like dr. tyme do dada.