COLLABORIATE 1 by Sheila E. Murphy

sur(real)render endpoints dot
comedic foreplay render un
toward (a chicken caesar
search and seizure)

in Zurich, walked cir
cum ference (stance) yet (v)indic(a)tive of
being chosen although
I could not recipro-cave

come hither wash line dulcet
tree(age) bling my halter
topped off by and by your altar
clasp an overcast iron skill (et tu
pro cast (joepat) ex
posay hey hey (barn fred o
kay) delimit how we R
our way 2 paradoxidise

timed tense twofer
on a transit barging in
2 varicose veronica the veil
hailstorms stones tonal triage

Most recent books include Collected Chapbooks (Blue Lion Books, 2008), Permutoria Visual Poems with K.S. Ernst (Luna Bisonte Prods, 2008) and Parsings (Arrum Press - Finland, 2008). Murphy lives in Phoenix, Arizona.


David said...

Excellent manipulation of the language. Great line breakage.
I can see why JD Nelson directed me here.

bratsche said...

stumbleschrag rose
paradigmchute voidwunche
rockinghorse thornpend

marrowsteam en-
rooting entrepedal motes

eating its bones
abouttuoba nothing's awl

shoearrow tide

au taloned alas...