meditation by Bill Drennan

on the mud of the soles
between the cracks of brain
carefully avoiding dogturd
& electronic shrapnel

forgetting for a moment to notice
the spotless sun
the hollywood lunar surface
the gumgrubbing pavement
which sinks beneath the weight of

a mean wind that simply
laps everything up

Bill is part monkey, part space cadet with alien DNA junk. He congratulates himself on his fine, aristocratic beard. You can see that he does a bit of writing. Some of it is poetry, some of it a mixture of (mock-) essaic & poetic prose, satire, stolen mythology, science fiction, personal experience, hysterical political disgust & conspiracy. He has had material published since the mid-90s & blogs here. When he grows up he wants to be an old fart.


J. D. NELSON said...

Your Hollywood moon made me think of this Hollywood Mars. I remember watching it on TV when I was seven.

KJones said...

Haven't seen that one J.D. But I was nearly seven when the first manned moon landing was televised. & it was very exciting. Hollywood is capable of pulling such magnificent stunts & it's such a shame that planet Earth's leaders rely so heavily on special effects. The clones here at the Hypoetics office reckon that the first (Hollywooded) manned moon landing was nothing less than (yet)another giant step in abolishing the political reality of 'democracy' - a combination of a paranoid show of confidence & space-age propaganda - in a not dissimilar manner to which the bombing of Nagasaki & Hiroshima was, according to William S Burroughs, a destroyer of the human soul. Anyhow, it won't be long before there are sidewalks on the moon & lots of coca cola cans to boot. Anyone up for emmigrating?

Anonymous said...

more please

Kismet Jones said...

more at my blog God

your book looks like fun