My liberty_ by Jaie Miller

My liberty fell some dim carriageway
Albeit curses fairly grown some carnivorous.
Fair to scratch illuminated ships, cutting, carving.
My liberty fell some dim carriageway.
Would you like to know what I am doing now?
'How good is she?!'

At an altitude (to chain my liberty fell some dim carriageway)

Fell so dim, so clearly-
Woman to she-A fair regime
Masters to tomb
Yeah but, albeit curses.

The Skinny: The weird British guy. Profoundly influenced by surrealism and hip-hop culture, he produces reams of text at a pace that makes other members of the group suspect there are three of him. An anti-capitalist revolutionary who has devoted considerable energy to smashing the system, while also remaining really quite funky.

Downside: He's British, talks funny and has been arrested several times for stalking Lauryn Hill. He's also into jazz-funk. Read more of Jaie's work here.

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