Now, Sedna by Kathy Polenberg

blue black a million times over
aroused by sound
of millions of mussels brought
and beached by the ebbing
water coping
by the eloping moon
the sound it makes

is a soft clustered racket
a clatter like full house
applause sound echo of
standing ovation flippers
slapping waves and hands

clapping ovation of an entire population
and agreement yet unborn
audience for the players

who will play on the turtle back
and play under and to
the fathomless blue bowl
upturned the sun in hollowed
melon rind

a kind moon saved up
and tucked into
the fragrant mossy black
of a cracked nut shell waiting . . .

Kathy Polenberg is an artist and poet living in New Jersey. Her first book of poetry, I'm Your Field Trip is available from Polekat Press. Visit her website or on the boardwalk under a kind moon.

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