Text Poem Two by Andrew Taylor

Any would be nice
I’ll see you after I’ve
got ironing to do hope
you’re OK

Took a while to
get to sleep but not
been awake long
hope to see you soon

Can you ring nice coat?
It sounds like Moz, help.
Speak to you before I go

It’s OK morning that
sounds cool contact me
asap please lad hard day
at the office?


I take it you’re watching
tennis weather good but
not as good as the grass lad

in bed Bootle I’ve just woken up
Do you fancy a bit of sun or a
wander in the garden just as long
as you put corks on your hat

I’m out of credit this is
Greeny’s phone
wish you were there

Andrew Taylor is co-editor and founder of erbacce and erbacce-press is widely published and his most recent collection comes from Sunnyoutside. He recently gained a PhD in Poetry and Poetics.


Wolfgang Carstens said...

This rocks!! What a fantastic premise for a poem!! Masterfully executed, Mr. Taylor. Well done.

Andrew Taylor said...

Thank you Mr Carstens for your kind comments!

Donna Marino said...

You are a mastermind. I once penned a piece called 'Online Affair' in which I used all 'chat slang'. Mind you, I had to google 'chat slang' as I'm a wee bit too wordy otherwise.

I must post it one day. Love your work.

be well

Andrew Taylor said...

Thanks Donna for your kind words.